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Yo, there are 5 really cool games I play. Those are:

  • Minion Masters
  • Clash Royale (mobile phone) – similar to Minion Masters
  • Realm Royale
  • Don’t Starve Together & Don’t Starve
  • ARK Survival Evolved

This is in order: most liked – to least liked, but just for the second. I change preference of these games regularly.

Minion Masters

This is a strategy game like Clash Royale. You collect cards, create a deck, and then play against opponents on a small map with two sides. Each side has a tower, which the oposing player(s) attack by drawing monster, building and magic cards to the playfield. The monsters start walking towards the enemy tower on the other side. On their way, depending on their abilities, they attack enemy monsters and buildings. They have different strengths, weaknesses and life. The side which first destroys the enemy tower wins.

There are different game modes:

  • PvP – 1vs1
  • PvP – 2vs2
  • PvP – 1vs1 Draw – You select a random master (playercharacter), and then choose between cards until you created a full deck, and then play with this. The more wins you get before you lose three times, the better is the reward you get in the end.
  • PvE – Always 1vs1 doing missions on a map where u walk to different places and earn rewards.

You level up your account (profile level) and earn rewards. Theres also a Battle Pass which gives you rewards when leveling up on this Battle Pass, and if you buy premium, you get additional rewards every level. Theres also one-time permanent buyable boosts for experience and gold you get per game played.

The cards you can collect are given randomly by buying tokens with in-game currency, or real money. In the shop you can also buy differently weighted cards. Like, legendary and so on. Every card can be increased in levels, and if you reach a specific level (number of cards) its frame changes, and you get special abilities with the card for example, a joker for the card so u can have it in your deck twice. Levels of cards don’t increase damage or health or whatever. Every card is the same no matter what level the player has.

If you are interested in playing games with me, please contact me on Discord or any way you can find. If one way doesn’t work (but I can’t think of any which wouldn’t) please try another way!

Realm Royale

Realm Royale is a Battle Royale game. You start alone, together with another player or in a team of four against others on a map with 100 players. You get dropped off a flying ship and alnd somewhere. The target is to collect resources, weapons, armor, potions etc. to strengthen yourself against other players. If you don’t need something from the chests you get these things from, you can disenchant them and get shards. Those shards can be used to craft potions, armor, weapons etc. at a forge. They are spread over the map. Also, if you die, you become a chicken. In this form you can’t fight. Just run and jump and make chicken sounds. If the enemy doesn’t kill you as chicken within time, you will be brought back to life and you will have all the stuff you had still with you. In a team, members can revive you at a forge for shards. Also, you can mount up your horse (default skin and there are many more skins u can aquire) everywhere. You have it from the beginning. It just doesn’t work within buildings, and if you get shot, you get unmounted. Theres also a battlepass and every level you earn rewards. If you buy premium, you get additional stuff. Also, you can buy additional skins, battlepass levels, boosters and so on in a in-game shop! As much as I can say, this game is also not pay to win! šŸ™‚

Don’t Starve Together & Don’t Starve

This is a really cool and fun survival game in mutli- and singleplayer. You choose a character – they have different abilities etc. – then you start collecting things and build etc. and try to survive. While playing are are shown from above, and you can click to let your character move, ore use aswd. At night, you have to be somewhere near light. For this you can make different kind of fires. Also torches. You have to eat, keep a good sanity level and also have a look at your life. Every day you get a daily reward as a present, and, in-game theres a store with different cosmetic items for each playable official character. Like, ice hair, ice-themed clothing etc. Also while you play, after some time theres a present icon at the top of your screen. You then need to go to some crafted science machine and click the present. It opens and you get a reward. Theres also an additional system where you can craft different items from uncrafted items you earned or bought. The game requires patience to learn. But most people have fun with it for a long time. We also have an own DST Server running. Click here for more.

The single player version has different addons. Which provide additional play mechanics and items and so on. Like, sailing, jungle, check for things under rocks.

All together I’ve had this game for a long time since now and I’m going to play it every now and then! šŸ™‚

ARK Survival Evolved

ARK is an awesome game, and they just recently released a really cool new map, which includes almost all content from all the DLCs for free. It’s a survival game and you can hunt, tame, build etc. Tamed creatures have different abilities and can also be used to increase amount harvested from berry bushes, meat and leather and items from other creatures and so on. Theres also a day/night cycle and there are creates who can emit light, and huge wyverns which use elemental powers like fire/ice to fight against others.

You can equip tamed animals with saddles, and then ride them. Not all are rideable. Some you can even carry on your sholder and they warn you. Or give light or whatever. You can control them by whistling different signals. Those can be bound to different keys. Theres also a menu which can be bound to a key. Also grouping of animals is possible.

Building is easy and every time you level up, you get access to new items you can craft. This includes clothing, shields, weapons, hats, in-world placables like fireplace, refridgerator, bed, and really much much more.

We also have own ARK server(s). Here is the page on our website listing them.

Thanks a lot for reading this post about my long-lasting recent most played games. Please contact me if you are interested in playing any of the games I mentioned! Now, have fun! šŸ™‚

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