NGE sponsored DST Server

We have had a long-time partnership with the DST EU Discord, giving them access to a Don’t Starve Together Server we host. As the server is administrated fully by them over a longer time period now, we from NGE give them full control over server settings like description and server name. They are now able to remove “NGE” etc. from the server name and so on. In return they put information about us somewhere – also linking to our page.

Soon, we will change the server description, giving a direct link to their Discord, and also increase max. player slots to 32. The Steam Group will also be changed to theirs, so they have full control over whos admin on the server.

The server has been online for a long time now, and after a few weeks, it was officially the DST EU Discord Server sponsored by us. As we didn’t know each other etc. I administrated it for them. Over time people became interested in administrating it themselve, with some help and probably lots of reading docs and self-research they recently managed to update the DST server to the latest expansion of DST. Which I find is a cool thing.

The decision giving them full control over the server, came spontaneously as I saw the servers’ Steam group was still NGE, with news about my favourite songs from 2018. I thought giving them full control over the server would be a good time now. After some time talking we decided th efollowing things:

  • DST server is fully administrated by them now, help from me is no problem
  • Free changing of server name and description (no requirement of having NGE mentioned)
  • Changing of Steam Group for server to DST EU Discord Steam Group with me getting admin too on the server as requirement, which means I get admin on Steam group aswell, but I already had it ;D.
  • Increasing max. player slots to 32 – if they reach limits, they can just ask for the slots to be increased even more. I can always have a look if it’s possible.

If you want to have a look at their Discord, and maybe join the DST Server, heres the Discord link:

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