About Us

We are a small community of gamers, and welcome almost anyone to join us. We play the following games:

  • GuildWars 2
  • Minecraft (own server, http://www.unitycraft.de)
  • ARK (two own server – one for ScorchedEarth and one for TheIsland – https://unitycraft.de/ark-server/)
  • Overwatch
  • Paragon (only few players play this)
  • Unreal Tournament 4 (still in pre-alpha we only play it once every few months)

NextGamers.eu is not a clan or guild or whatever. But we can create guilds or clans etc. and make websites (subdomains) on our webspace. The community is there for you to find people to play with. Also you can talk any language you can find people for. Our main languages are english and german.

If you want to join us, simply join our Discord or contact us from here.