We have three ARK servers right now. One for TheIsland (Double XP and 4X Taming, one for Ragnarok (6XP, 25X rates) and one for Aberration (same rates as Ragnarok). Here is their status:

Ragnarok and Aberration servers have the following rates and are in a cluster (you can move between them):

  • 6X XP
  • 15X Taming
  • Harvest Amount Multiplier: 7X
  • PlayerCarryWeight: 10X
  • DinoCarryWeight: 10X
  • EggHatch: 25X
  • BabyMatureSpeed: 25X

and these mods:

  • Auction House (make auctions, not just server wide but global to all servers connected to the public auction house)
  • Structures+ (have several new structures, and improved structures: automatically opening/closing doors, stairs where you can’t fall off and much much more)
  • Awesome Teleporters (teleport from everywhere to a stationary teleporter or from stationary teleporter to stationary teleporter)
  • Upgrade Station (upgrade your tools)
  • Dino Tracker (finds your corpse, your dinos and more)


If you want you’re welcome to join them. To join, simply click the banners above, then click “Join Server”. Somehow we’re not in the unofficial server list inside the game. I don’t know why, yet. If you need assistance, use the Contact-Form or try Discord.

Have fun! 🙂