Don’t Starve Together

Yo, our DST Server is back!

General Server Information:

  • Password: you can get the password on the Discord mentioned below
  • Name: [DE/EN] NextGamers Europe DST

We host this server also for the DST EU Discord Server. Please join this Discord and ask other players there to play with you. Discord Link: here.

If you want to play ask others to join you (you can do that by mentioning the @NextGamers Squad role), make sure you have at least 2 people wanting to play as playing alone on the server is not recommended, join :loudspeaker: NextGamers Server voice chat. We usually play in the evenings pretty much everyday.

Server rules:

  • don’t troll
  • don’t bully other players
  • don’t take special items unless you roll the highest number
  • don’t take the belongings of other people without their permission
  • don’t disconnect with important stuff in your inventory
  • don’t shout/yell in voice chat
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