You can find information about the different ranks here.

Rank descriptions:

  • Builder – This is the standard rank you get when you first join the server. It means you have build permission and can build whatever you like. You can also already use many commands but you don’t have access to special stuff. An overview of the most important commands here.
  • Donator – When you donate while having the Builder rank, you get this rank automatically. If you promote yourself to Premium, you will get Dedicated instead indicating you have donated.
  • Premium – This is what you get when you pay $8000 inGame money. This rank offers some special stuff like /fly. You earn inGame money by killing mobs and selling stuff to other players. Some info about what special stuff you have access to here. This is the rank with all the player permissions. No other non-staff rank has more permissions than Premium.
  • Dedicated – This is the rank for people who donated. You have the same permissions than premium.
  • VIP – This rank is for old staff and real life friends of staff only. With this rank you can lead clans and have mcMMO special perks. Info about general commands here. We sometimes give away VIP on special events like special holidays.
  • Moderator – This is a staff rank. They can administrate the server to some extend like ban players etc.
  • Admin – Admins have access to WorldEdit and can do other more critical things which require some education to not do something wrong. Admins also have console access to the server and can OP themselves, restart/stop/start the server and some more things.
  • Owner – This is the owner rank. They have ultimate power over the server.