Please read the post about 🙂 My other project, is now running a Mastodon instance. If you want you can register there: . It’s something like twitter but decentralized. You can add others by their @username@domain.tld if they are using Mastodon on another server. Have fun! 🙂

NGE MC Server v1.19.3

We just updated to 1.19.3. The old maps (-22.12.tar.gz) are downloadable from . They are not big. 🙂 All plugins are updated and should work properly. If you find something not working, please contact us. 🙂 The server is ready for around 20 people. Enjoy! 😀

GuildWars2 cheaper than usual

Yo, GuildWars 2, all expansions only costs € 34.99 throughout Black Friday. If you wanna buy it, it’s a really cool MMORPG with which you can spend thousands of hours playing. It’s 10 years old already and recently had its Steam start. For the Black Friday Deal you have to buy it off their website … Read more

MC Updates (EssenstialsX & PaperMC)

Yo, I’ve just updated EssentialsX Core, Spawn, Chat and Discord to the latest dev versions to make everything as compatible as possible towards 1.19.2. I also updated PaperMC to the latest dev version. SquareMap is also updated to its 1.1.8 version making it compatible with 1.19.2. Have fun all! 🙂


Yo we have a music bot running, and are even sponsoring it to a FFXIV Discord Server aswell. Have fun all! 🙂