About Us

Hello! Next Gamers Europe is a community from gamers, for gamers. The founder is me, freakyy85. Since now we are a few over 200 players on > Discord < and I wish, that many more will join us. The age ranges from 14 to around 40 I think.

Well, if you like playing computer games, then you’re welcome to join our > Discord <! I hope you will find someone to play with. We play almost every genre. Maybe we even host a game server for one of the games you play! <3 One thing most of us have in common, we all like PvE more than PvP! 🙂

Some (not all) games we play:

  • Guild Wars 2 (MMORPG)
  • Portal 2 (Some kind of quiz game)
  • ARK Survival Evolved (Survive, build, hunt, tame etc.)
  • Destiny 2 (MMO Shooter)
  • Overwatch (Shooter, but with skills)
  • Minion Masters (Really cool game!)
  • Sea of Thieves

… and many more … So if you’re interested, come join us, and introduce yourself on the > Discord <.

Members can get an eMail address whatYouWant@nextgamers.eu. Access is possible over a webinterface, and also for eMail clients like Thunderbird over STARTTLS and SSL.

Thank you for reading! If you want, visit us. In any way, we wish you a nice day and hope to see you on > Discord <! 🙂

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