MC Updates (EssenstialsX & PaperMC)

Yo, I’ve just updated EssentialsX Core, Spawn, Chat and Discord to the latest dev versions to make everything as compatible as possible towards 1.19.2. I also updated PaperMC to the latest dev version. SquareMap is also updated to its 1.1.8 version making it compatible with 1.19.2. Have fun all! 🙂


Yo we have a music bot running, and are even sponsoring it to a FFXIV Discord Server aswell. Have fun all! 🙂

DST Server

Yo, the DST Europe Discord Server we sponsor has a few plugins added again and it’s fully functional. The people sometimes reset the server. If you’re interested in joining the server, search the DST server browser for “NextGamers” and join the server. Sometimes it has a password. If it ask one, join the DST Europe … Read more