If you like to play minecraft you’ve come to the right place. We host a 24/7 Minecraft server and you can play on it for free. You won’t have to pay for anything. It’s a freebuild survival server with claim plugin.

As server software we run Paper (https://www.papermc.io) and it has 3GBs of RAM with 20 player slots. If we need to, we can increase the ressources for the server and also allow more players.

Generally these pages are to help players find commands they can use and get to know about things they can do.

For example you can set an unlimited amount of homes. Or you can claim areas where you built to protect them from griefers and you can also teleport to your friends and them to you.

These are just examples. 🙂 Over time we will add more features for sure. ;D

Something we’ve added is this: Check it out! 😀