Server Upgrade

I upgraded the vserver on which we run for example our Minecraft Server. It now has 80GBs more SSD space, 200Mhz faster CPU and the double amount of vCores (now eight). The CPU is max 2,44ghz. We wish you all a lot of fun! 🙂

Recent upgrades (MC&Mastodon)

I recently upgraded Mastodon to the latest version v4.1.0 ( Also I upgraded PaperMC (our Minecraft Server Software) to the latest dev versions. Available updates for plugins were also put into place. All plugins are up-to-date ;). For your info, starting with Minecraft 1.20 we will always run two overworld maps. One with your old … Read more

NGE MC Server v1.19.3

We just updated to 1.19.3. The old maps (-22.12.tar.gz) are downloadable from . They are not big. 🙂 All plugins are updated and should work properly. If you find something not working, please contact us. 🙂 The server is ready for around 20 people. Enjoy! 😀