I wanted to remind everyone that we have a Mastodon instance running. It is an alternative to Twitter/X and it uses the so called fediverse. This means accounts on one server can communicate with other accounts on other servers, of course also locally.

You would have an ID like . You can post news about yourself, things you think about, specific topics and so on.

If you want an account just provide a short summary of why you want the account on and yea, follow me it will be suggested during your registration to follow me. No must though. 😉

You can make your posts public, unlisted, only followers or only mentioned people (like direct message but unencrypted) – so don’t share sensitive data. ;D

Join our Mastodon now: :))

Theres also an NGE account you can follow: – News of our website will get posted there. You could install an app and have push-notifications enabled to always see the latest posts of our website etc.

Have fun! :))

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